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During this tour you will closely see Sasak ethnic daily livings such as visiting Kebon Roek traditional market where you will see how people trade and buy, trip to Banyumulek to see the pottery made of clay, visiting Sukarara Village as a home to some of Lombok’s best weavers, as well as visiting Sade Village to see Sasak traditional village. Also, you will enjoy the beauty of Kuta and Tanjung Aan...

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The tour starts at 08.00 am firstly by visiting the traditional market Kebon Rowek in Ampenan. Lombok is much quieter compared to Bali and a lot cheaper. The environment is quite different as you begin to see more mosques and less Hindu temples. Walk around the market, it is very colorful, you really get to see how the people live, interact and buy food. It is very interesting to see buyers buy their needs to the traders and there is a habit in shopping when they want to buy something they always bid or bargain as there is no fixed price set up.

Continue the trip to Banyumulek to see the pottery made of clay. Since the 16th century the community has been producing pottery and this craft has passed down from generation to generation. You can glimpse potters in the process of making their earthenware, you can participate to learn how to make pottery. Most of them who work on this craft are women and they are happy to teach you.

Then we proceed the trip to visit Sukarara Village is home to some of Lombok’s best weavers who produce Songkets and Ikats, the famous textiles which often boast bright colors and intricate motifs and are woven on traditional back-strapped looms. The knowledge and skills of how to weave are passed down from generation to generation in the weavers’ families. Formerly weaving activities are a must for women so that women are not allowed to marry before they can weave.

You will visit Sade Village to see Sasak traditional village, it lies on the main road to Kuta. Visitors can admire Sasak architecture of their houses including the prominent bonnet-shaped rice barn called lumbungpadi using thached roof, woven bamboo walls and soiled ground floor. Please observe their life style, culture and daily activities such as doing domestic works. You will meet the old people (men and women) eat betel nut.

Last you will go to Kuta Beach a beautiful beach with exotic white sand shaped like grains of pepper and not to be found in other beaches. Kuta beach and its surrounding is development of Mandalika tourism destination. After lunch you will go to Tanjung A’an beach east of Kuta, it is a beautiful white sandy beaches and it is good for sunbath and surf while admiring the beauty. Please enjoy your time to swim and sunbath and walk along the beach. You will return to your hotel at about 15.30.

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USD80 /person

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