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Where rainforest and rice terraces meet, where wild nature blends with local Sasak culture for a unique scenic experience, and discover

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Organized and guided by women guides of Senaru communities, this is an easy one hour walk through one of Lombok’s most spectacular nature settings. Leave the road behind for a short while and enter the magic world of our beautiful rainforest reserve.

Here, the sounds of tropical forest birds soon give way to the thunder of the towering Sindang Gila waterfalls. The brave may even venture for an exhilarating bath behind the white water curtain – the local people believe this to be a cure for disease. Alternatively, just relax in the cool shade of a rainforest giant and take the magic scenery around you. May be the long tailed monkey (Ebony Leaf Monkey) will entertain you with its cheekiness.

From the waterfall, your guided walk continues along the slopes of Mt. Rinjani to several beautiful viewpoints high above the river. As you leave the lush green rainforest behind, artistically terraced rice fields seem to stretch forever towards the blue waters of the Florest Sea and to the south towers of sharp volcanic peak of Lombok’s sacred Gunung Rinjani.

Walk through the rice field cross the river towards protected forest or the local people call customary forest. Custom rule is still strong implemented and the people are forbidden to cut down the trees. Every end of the year the community hold ritual event around the spring water to keep it sustain. If you find farmers are working in their paddy fields, you can participate trying how to be Lombok farmer. Take time to enjoy this fantastic landscape before you leave.

Continue the trip to Bayan village and you will visit the ancient 16th century bamboo mosque. Then you will walk around the village to see hand weaving. In the past weaving was an essential qualification for womanhood, and young girls began to learn the basic skills at an early age. All women were expected to provide their family with fabrics for clothing and ceremonial use. Now, with the widespread availability of factory-made fabrics, hand-loom textiles are used mostly for religious ceremonies and special occasions such as weddings. This natural and cultural diversity makes the Rice Terraces and Waterfall Walk an unforgettable Lombok experience.

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