Awe-Inspiring Rinjani Trekking

While having your memorable trekking moments, you can contribute to conserving Rinjani and bringing benefits to local people.

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Why Trekking with Us is Energetic
Rinjani Summit

Better Trekking Service

We’ve been running trekking service since 2001. With vision of responsible and sustainable tourism, we have grown as a prominent organizer in trekking service. Our services have been trusted for years by local and overseas tour agencies.

Sasak Culture

Unique Trekking Experience

Our guides will introduce you not only to the Rinjani natural astonishment but also to local living uniqueness. On top of that, we offer you our eco-trek packages that involve cultural heritages like “blessing ritual” from a local spiritual leader called melokaq

Rinjani Conservation

Rinjani Conservation

During trekking, you are encouraged to participate in planting trees on the trek trails. If everyone trekking with us planting trees, together we make a meaningful contribution to saving the earth.

Rinjani Trekking Group

Unique Trekking Experience

Joining us means you bring benefits to local people. We encourage villagers to make nursery, then we buy from them young trees for you and other trekkers to plant on the trek trails. Additionally, all of our guides & porters are local people.

Who get benefits from our business?

  • Local guides and porters
  • Villagers who plant young trees
  • Local community and government

It was a beautiful trip. Tough from time to time, but definitely worth it. Hepi is a very good guide, very patient with us. Further, the food was amazing. We really felt comfortable and looked after.

Joel Anderson

Why Us?

A leading Lombok eco tour organiser. We promote responsible and sustainable tourism.

  • Enjoyable Experiences of Natural Beauties and Local Living
  • Positive Contributions to the Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritages
  • Economic Benefit for Local People

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